Monday, October 12, 2009

I think I have done 6 art fairs so far this year, though it feels like I've done 100. And I have 4 more to go. I like them because it is good exposure and it's fun to see what other artists are doing. But it is SO TIRING. It takes everything out of me. The last one I did was the Indieana Handicraft Exchange, and it went really well. There were so many amazing artists. I sold almost all of my mugs, which is great, except now I have to make them all over again! Or I should say, I GET to. I often have to remind myself that what I'm doing is a blessing. It is insanely hard and I feel pretty burnt out all of the time, but I am working for myself! I feel stupid complaining about it. 

The next one is this Saturday, which is the Hoosier Artisan Holiday Boutique in Carmel. It is all Indiana Etsy artists. I've never done an art fair in Carmel before, but hopefully it will be good!