Thursday, December 08, 2011

Detroit Urban Craft Fair

This past weekend I got to visit Detroit for my first ever show in Michigan: The Detroit Urban Craft Fair! It was held for 2 days at the Masonic Temple, an amazing building and the largest masonic temple in the world, apparently.

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The only show I've been to with it's own candy bar. Also the only show I've been to where one of the organizers got proposed to.
What I got when I arrived. They made all of the booth numbers out of rope licorice! 

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One thing I was really surprised about was the amount of Michigan crafts there were. People in Michigan are crazy about Michigan! We're not really like that in Indiana. I did get to trade with several other vendors, which is one of my favorite things about doing craft shows. All in all, DUCF was amazing and I definitely hope to be back!

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Dimensions and Colors in Life said...

I love your works. Especially those ones with animals doing creative things: Narwhals knitting, Giraffe looking into telescopes, travelling circus , sea turtles playing The Sunken Piano, ...... Absolutely amazing!